Sketchbook Crystals No.2
I’m so adorable.
unattractive and unhappy.


make the pussy just gush


Just put on dark lipstick and act like nothing happened

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angelicurr: You're cute 😘

So are you 😘


"Culture"-ally stimulating art. Even mold can be beautiful… 
by microbiologist Antoine Bridier-Nahmias
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I don’t understand

Why does everyone have to use the restroom right after I took a shit?


I can’t.


The years between WWI and WWII in Germany were fraught with poverty and rates of inflation so high that a wheelbarrow of banknotes bought barely a loaf of bread. But meat, when it was available, sold well nonetheless. In 1921, tenants in a Berlin rooming house heard sounds of a struggle coming from one of the rooms, and upon investigation found Karl Grossmann with the body of a plump young woman. Grossmann confessed to having picked up many a young woman, preferably plump, at Berlin’s railroad station. Then he killed them, cut them into pleasing-looking cuts of meat, and sold them to the citizens of Berlin. Arrested and tried, Grossmann was sentenced to death, but he killed himself in his cell before the execution.